Who is Huetiful?!

Based out of Atlanta, one of America’s top rising cities for black entrepreneurs is the innovative Huetiful.

Derived from the word “hues”; which means colors and shades, Huetiful’s mission is “to provide innovative and effective beauty care solutions for women of all hues. We understand that in an increasingly more global and diverse world, beauty care solutions need to be designed from a much more holistic stand point; focused on the unique needs of huetiful women.

The diverse and dynamic Huetiful may be located in Hotlanta, but it’s roots reside in Washington Heights, NY. Spanish Harlem, also known as “The Heights” heavily inspires and influences this brands flavorful, diverse, and effective product portfolio and passion for beauty; offering a variety of hair goodies for women of all diversities.

“Huetiful thrives on providing excellent customer experiences and in doing so, we try to meet and exceed the needs of our Huetiful community. As a multi-racial woman, it has been a challenge to maintain my curly, yet sometimes frizzy, dry, and damaged coif. It wasn’t until I joined the Huetiful team, that I became a believer in their products.” - Customer Experience/Associate Brand Manager, Ruthie Hawkins

From your itchy scalp to your crispy ends to your many skin woes, Huetiful has you covered.

“We are committed to pushing the envelope to produce and create effective beauty care solutions, products, and services. That is the Huetiful Promise. It is also why we offer a 45 day, 100% money back guarantee. as well as free shipping and free returns. We want the Huetiful community to try and sample our products and determine for themselves if they should incorporate them into their beauty care regimen. Personally, I would question companies that don’t stand by their products with that kind of promise.” - Founder & President Ken Burkeen

Stay tuned, as Huetiful continues to press the envelope, creating new innovative hair care solutions, for the chic, fun, and fabulous!

Written by Ruthie Hawkins — May 23, 2012