We've all fallen victim to a bad hair day, courtesy of the frizz monster.  And let’s face it, there may not be a 100% cure, but there are ways to fight back for cuteness sake!

Whether you’re born with naturally frisky hair, or just battling Mother Nature, we’re here to help!

Check out our top seven savvy tips to kiss your frantic frizz woes goodbye and say hello to lovely locks.


1.  Be conscience of the climate and choose your hairstyle wisely: Humidity causes natural hair cuticles to expand. While knowing this, try to keep your hair off your neck. Try a chic curly up do’ or Grecian inspired braids. 

2. A Protein Conditioner/Treatment: Regardless of what you do, if you’re not feeding your hair… with protein, it will frizz out quickly and completely. Protein 

3.  Frizz Serum: Whether you have silky smooth hair or naturally curly q’s, humidity can turn your hair from fierce to a frizzy frazzled fuzz ball in just seconds. Luckily for you, there are a variety of affordable frizz serums and styling sprays, to keep that fab do in shape. Check out Avon’s Frizz Control Serum with Lotus Shield, for only $9.99, available at

4.  Moisture, moisture, moisture!  While it may seem that I am screaming this at you… I am! Many of us neglect this step, but just like your body, your hair is thirsty. Think about it. What do you do, when your body needs hydration? (this is not a trick question) You drink water! This goes for your hair as well. Each season, your lovely tresses are exposed to a variety of climate changes, heat, extreme cold weather, and all of the tools we use to sustain our lovely locks during this time. We suggest a steamer, such as our product, the Huetiful Hair Steamer, for a low cost of $114.95. Not only is it affordable, it provides you with a salon quality tool, for at home use, at your discretion.

5.  Sleep On it: If you’re like most of us, and get caught up in the morning rush, reduce the damage to early morning blow dryer and flat iron sessions.  Wrap your already styled coif at night, with a scarf. From your grandma’s hand me down goodies, to the $1 handkerchiefs available at Hobby Lobby, there are several stylish options to choose from.

What are your favorite ways to kick frizz in the butt?! Do share…

Written by Ruthie Hawkins — October 16, 2012