Anti-Humidity Bundle


Everything you need to fight summertime frizz. Start with a gentle, yet effective sulfate-free shampoo used at our Huetiful Salons and select Huetiful Affiliate locations. Treat your hair with our Huetiful Glycolic Strengthening Treatment consisting of glycerin (a humectant that retains moisture and improves manageability), glycolic acid (that cleanses the scalp and strengthens hair), and amino acids (strengthens hair). 

The bundle includes $80 of retail value for just $50 delivered to your door:

  • Huetiful Sulfate-Free Maintenance Shampoo, 8oz
  • Huetiful Glycolic Strengthening Treatment, 8oz  (3-4 uses)
  • KMS HAIRSTAY, Anti-Humidity Spray, 4.1oz  (retails for $25 on Amazon)

At Huetiful Salons in Atlanta, Arlington, and Chicago, one use of the Huetiful Glycolic Treatment is a $25 upcharge. Your bundle includes 3-4 uses plus shampoo and a professional grade anti-humidity spray that lasts up to 72 hours. 

Learn more about the Huetiful Glycolic Strengthening Treatment here.