Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System Bundle


The Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System™ is one of the most advanced and safest low pH mechanisms that is designed to silken, stretch and smooth wavy or curly, frizzy and processed hair. The result is stronger, healthier, beautifully manageable hair that can be worn straight or in its natural wavy or curly state. 

The Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING™ System transforms the hair without the use of harsh, permanent chemicals and without permanent alteration to the hair’s bond structure so hair is silky smooth, perfectly curled and unimaginably frizz free. You get the flexibility of natural hair to be worn straight with resistance to swelling from humidity or worn naturally curly with maximum curl definition and length.
You will get 4 to 6 applications from one, 12-month Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System bundle assuming hair is just below shoulder length. The total time to do the Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System pictured was about 2 and a half hours from start to finish. And lasts up to 12 weeks. 
PRODUCTION DATE:  Dec 20, 2021
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Each kit includes:
  • 1 8fl oz / 236mL bottle of Huetiful Clarifying Shampoo w/ Activated Charcoal
  • 1 8fl oz / 250mL bottle of Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment
  • 1 8fl oz / 236mL bottle of Huetiful Leave-In Protectant
  • 1 8fl oz / 236mL jar of Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment Maintenance Conditioner
  • 1 8fl oz / 236mL botle of Huetiful Sulfate-Free Maintenance Shampoo
  • Instructional Manual

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